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Nestled inside 100-wooded acres with picturesque views of Lake Lanier, Timberline Glamping is one of Forsyth County’s hidden treasures. Guests are able to immerse themselves in the great outdoors, while experiencing luxury accommodations beyond their wildest imaginations. From safari tents to bell tents, geometric domes and completely remodeled RVs, the accommodations are truly spectacular. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, staycation or family adventure, here are the top reasons you need to add glamping in Forsyth County to your summer bucket list. 

Glamping in Forsyth County, GA
  1. No Camping Experience Required 

    Unlike traditional camping where you have to know how to pitch a tent and find tinder, glamping is just like staying in a hotel. You won’t need to remember special gear like the tent fly, sleeping bags or a portable charger. Simply show up, lay back in the fresh linens and enjoy being outside in nature in peaceful Cumming, GA. 
Accommodations at Forsyth County glampgrounds

2. Luxurious Amenities at Highly Affordable Prices

If you’ve ever been camping, you know why it’s often referred to as “roughing it.” From the constantly-leaking air mattress to the lukewarm food in your melted cooler and the lack of headroom to stand up and stretch in the morning, camping is not known for being comfortable. Glamping however, is. 

You can expect comfortable beds with proper linens, places to sit and eat, outlets to charge your phone and much more. No matter the time of year, the temperature inside your accommodations will be exactly how you like it. There’s air conditioning for the hotter months and heating for the cooler months. Each campsite also has whimsical string lights, a picnic table, wood-fire ring, two hammocks and camp chairs. Not to mention, the prices are less than what you would expect to pay at a traditional hotel!

Enjoy luxurious amenities during your glamping trip in Forsyth County, GA

3. Pick Your Own Unique Accommodations 

Many glampgrounds only have one style of accommodation to choose from. But Timberline Glamping has four different options – safari tent, bell tent, geometric dome or RV. Each of these options comes in different sizes and have their own unique furnishings. Some of the rooms even have king beds! You can scroll through the pictures online and choose the perfect accommodations for your group.

Enjoy unique accommodations during your glamping trip

4. Experience Nature Without Having to “Rough It”

Glamping is a magical opportunity to disconnect from all the technology in our lives and reconnect with nature. After a few hours of staring at tranquil Lake Lanier, many travelers start to feel a sense of freedom and relaxation. Glamping allows you to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern life in a way that hotels can’t. Unlike camping however, glamping doesn’t require sacrificing your quality of life. 

If you’re ready to plan your glamping getaway in Discover Foco, click here to check out the luxurious accommodation options. We can’t wait to see pictures from all the memories you create. Make sure to tag #DiscoverFoco!

Family-friendly outdoor activities in Forsyth County, GA

5. Access to Endless Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities 

Located within the beautiful Shady Grove Campground, these glampsites have access to countless outdoor activities that ensure you’ll never be bored. If your group is interested in water activities, you can choose from paddle boarding, kayaking, boating, swimming or floating in the lake on a tube. There is even a volleyball court, as well as a mountain bike trail close by at Charleston Park

After a day full of fun, you can enjoy the traditional BBQ over the open fire, toasted marshmallows and star-gazing from your cozy campsite. Not to mention, Timberline Glamping offers a bunch of extras that you can add on to make your trip even more memorable. Giant Jenga, anyone?

Plan a glamping getaway in Forsyth County, Georgia

6. It’s a One-of-a-Kind Adventure

Lots of people have been camping. Glamping is something you don’t hear everyday. It’s a special adventure that everyone thinks is cool, but few have actually had the opportunity to try. If nothing else, glamping gives you something interesting to talk about at the next family party. Oh, and of course, awesome fomo-producing pictures to share with friends on social media!

If you’re ready to plan your glamping getaway in Discover Foco, click here to check out the luxurious accommodation options. We can’t wait to see pictures from all the memories you create. Make sure to tag #DiscoverFoco!

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