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There’s nothing like taking a deep breath of fresh air while exploring one of Forsyth County’s tree-lined nature trails. Rich in mountain and lake views, people travel from all over to experience our lush woods. Whether you’re a hard-core hiker, avid trail runner or simply want to enjoy a scenic walk, you’ll find just the right trail here to escape into. 

  1. Indian Seats Trail at Sawnee Mountain
Indian Seats Trail at Sawnee Mountain

Once a sacred site for the local Native American Cherokee and Creek tribes, Sawnee Mountain Preserve has a number of fantastic trails. The Indian Seats Trail just happens to be the park’s most popular! Perfect for hiking or trail running, you’ll pass the visitor center, the tree house, the abandoned gold mines and even the fairy woods. 

The trail is fit for all levels with the full loop around four miles or a shorter out-and-back option that is under two miles. Depending on the option you choose, the hike usually takes 1-2 hours. The sweeping summit views of the North Georgia Mountains are worth every step! Take note: this trail does not allow dogs. 

  1. Charleston Park Trail
Charleston Park Trail near Lake Lanier
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Charleston Park Trail is an intermediate hike offering beautiful views of Lake Lanier. If you’re looking for a hike between 2-3 hours with more challenging terrain, this is the trail for you! The 5.5-mile trek includes rocks, roots and some short and long climbs/descents. The trail is very popular for mountain biking, so you’ll likely encounter riders while exploring. 

  1. Caney Creek Preserve Trail
Caney Creek Preserve trail
Photo Credit: Caney Creek Preserve Facebook Page

If you only have a short window of time to enjoy the outdoors, Caney Creek Preserve trail is a 1.2 mile loop that you can complete in less than a half hour. This lush green trail offers a lot of shade and tall pine trees. Play in the creek along the way or find a bench to sit on to enjoy the scenery. There’s also a hilltop overlook on the south end!

  1. Big Creek Greenway Trail
Big Creek Greenway Trail
Photo Credit: Pond & Company

Nature lovers rejoice! Big Creek Greenway boasts over 11 miles of pathway encircling a large wetland. Observe wildlife like blue heron and deer as you take in the creek views. The 12-foot wide concrete and boardwalk paths offer an ideal setting for walking, jogging, biking and inline skating. 

Forsyth County currently has five trailheads to access your Big Creek Greenway adventure. Each trailhead conveniently features parking and bathrooms. Dogs are welcome, but must be on a leash. 

  1. Haw Creek Park Trail
Haw Creek Park Trail
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Escape the hustle and bustle of the day into the woodsy and well-maintained Haw Creek Park Trail. Another relatively easy route, this 3-mile pathway is popular for walking, running and mountain biking. Enjoy a mixture of plant and wildlife as you take in the peaceful scenery. The park itself also offers a nature-themed playground with giant acorns, super-sized mushrooms and a large log with a climbing net attached.

  1. Little Ridge Trail
Little Ridge Trail along Lake Lanier
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Last but not least, the Little Ridge Trail is a peaceful hidden gem along Lake Lanier. This easy-going 1.1 mile trail is perfect for a Sunday afternoon stroll. It’s relatively flat and great for small kids. Enjoy unobstructed views of the pristine lake for the majority of the route. There are also little spots along the way to go fishing or swimming. 

With so many beautiful trails to explore, it’s no wonder Forsyth County is repeatedly ranked the healthiest county in Georgia. Time spent outdoors is known to reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and boost your mood. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on FOCO’s trails and reconnect with Mother Nature. 

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