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Allure Indian Bistro

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image of tacos from Allure Coalition Cuisine

Allure Indian Bistro

Everyone and everything has a story, and Allure Indian Bistro is no different.

Passion for food is sometimes passed on in families. Fortunately, this was the case for the Reddy family. The dream and passion were passed on from father, KP, to youngest son, Sanjay. Although focused on building a career and taking care of his family, KP watched his young son’s interest turn into the same passion as his and his father’s before him. Working in the restaurant and hospitality industry from his high school years, Sanjay began his journey early.

His passion, however, led him to many opportunities in the industry.  From starting positions to managerial, Sanjay’s enthusiasm never waned. After graduating from Lambert High School in 2016, Sanjay knew he wanted to make the dream of carrying his family’s recipes out into the world a reality. Following eight years in the restaurant industry managing establishments, Sanjay’s desire to deliver quality Indian cuisine with a unique flavor to the public was the impetus behind a concept he developed naturally as being the son of an Indian father and American mother. With the support of his father and grandmother, Sanjay began the journey of opening Allure Indian Bistro in the summer of 2022. His dream of providing delicious quality food and outstanding service with an Indian-American flare to Cumming, GA has been born in a new-fashioned way that we call, “Coalition Cuisine” ™.

Coalition Cuisine is an allied association of delectable delights designed to entice the senses and satisfy the most discriminating of appetites. It is the “flare” we place in all of our culinary creations, and it is unique to Allure Indian Bistro.

Our food and drink creations are representative of both Indian and American favorites along with combinations of the two. Our in-house Mixologist has created the most intoxicating spirits you will ever taste, and they are inspired by the favorites of our family and friends. Our style of Indian-American Coalition Cuisine is our passion, and we hope Allure will be your home away from home dining experience!

Coalition Cuisine may be named for, look similar to, and/or represent other cultures from around the world and the US (examples: BBQ, Mexican, Asian, etc…). HOWEVER, the roots are in India. This is the difference. It is more than a marriage, it is parentage. It is Family.