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As the lush greenery of spring blankets Forsyth County, it invites locals and travelers alike to step outside and engage with nature. Coinciding perfectly with National Travel and Tourism Week from May 19-25, this year’s theme, “Sustainable Journeys and Timeless Memories,” encourages us to explore and appreciate our natural surroundings thoughtfully and sustainably. Forsyth County offers a plethora of activities that align with this vision, providing both adventure and tranquility. Here’s your guide to making the most of this vibrant season in some of the county’s most cherished outdoor spaces.

1. Timberline Glamping

Experience the outdoors with luxury at Timberline Glamping. This site combines camping adventure with the comforts of a boutique hotel. Each stylish tent is equipped with comfortable beds, plush linens, private bathrooms, and climate control. Wi-Fi is available for those who want to stay connected. Enjoy private decks with seating, outdoor cooking facilities, and fire pits for evening relaxation. Timberline Glamping also supports sustainable tourism through amenities like hiking and wildlife watching, offering an engaging yet eco-conscious outdoor experience.

2. Sawnee Mountain Preserve

Hike the trails of Sawnee Mountain Preserve and embark on a journey that leads to the famed Indian Seats Overlook—a vantage point offering panoramic views of the North Georgia mountains that will leave you breathless. This local gem is a true testament to the beauty of the Appalachian foothills. As you walk the preserve’s paths, you’ll see diverse plants and animals that highlight the area’s rich ecology. Stick to the trails and follow leave-no-trace principles to help preserve this environment for future visitors. The preserve also offers rock climbing and a climbing tower for those looking for more adventure.

3. Mary Alice Park

Nestled on the shores of Lake Lanier, Mary Alice Park is an ideal spot for water sports and leisure activities. Bring your family for a picnic, swim in the lake’s refreshing waters, or relax on the beach. With its direct lake access, the park encourages visitors to engage in environmentally friendly activities such as using non-motorized watercraft like kayaks and paddleboards, and ensuring all trash is properly disposed of to protect the lake’s ecosystem. These simple actions help maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the lake, supporting a sustainable environment for future enjoyment.

4. Burton Outdoor Adventures

Adventure seekers will find plenty to love at Burton Outdoor Adventures, renowned for its welcoming service and a diverse selection of kayak and paddleboard rentals. Glide across the calm waters of Lake Lanier, exploring secluded coves and expansive waterways at your own pace. Paddling is a fun way to see the area and experience the lake’s natural beauty up close. Burton Outdoor Adventures also ensures everyone is equipped with safety knowledge and eco-friendly tips, helping guests enjoy the lake while keeping it clean and beautiful for everyone.

5. Poole’s Mill Park

Visit Poole’s Mill Park to enjoy its historic covered bridge, the soothing sounds of its cascading waterfall, and a variety of leisure activities. Ideal for a relaxing day out, this park is perfect for fishing, picnicking, and exploring the natural scenery. For a bit of fun, don’t miss the natural rock slides and water play areas where you can splash around and enjoy the cool water on a sunny day. Whether you’re planning a family gathering or seeking a quiet spot to read and reflect, Poole’s Mill Park has something for everyone.

6. Big Creek Greenway

Explore the Big Creek Greenway by foot or bicycle. This extensive trail system stretches over 20 miles and winds through lush forests, wetlands, and open fields, showcasing the diversity of local wildlife and plant species. It’s an exemplary green space that supports health, wellness, and environmental sustainability. Along the way, there are plenty of benches and viewing areas where you can pause to appreciate the scenery or observe nature.

7. Geaux Bike Share

Integrate sustainable travel into your visit with Geaux Bike Share. Conveniently located at Fowler Park in Forsyth County, you can effortlessly rent a bike and explore scenic routes and local attractions in a fun, flexible, and eco-friendly way. Geaux Bike Share offers a variety of bike options suitable for all ages and skill levels, ensuring that everyone can join in the excitement. Enjoy the freedom to stop and appreciate the sights at your leisure. For route ideas and rental details visit

8. Shady Grove Campground

Shady Grove Campground on Lake Lanier offers a picturesque lakeside setting ideal for spring camping. As the area blooms, disconnect from technology and enjoy nature with fishing, boating, stargazing, and scenic hikes. The campground features vibrant picnic areas, cozy fire pits for evening campfires, and a tranquil environment perfect for family gatherings or peaceful retreats.

Committing to Sustainable Journeys

This spring, let’s pledge to embrace outdoor activities that not only refresh the spirit but also protect our environment. By participating in sustainable practices and choosing eco-friendly adventures, we contribute to the preservation of Forsyth County’s natural landscapes for future generations to enjoy.

Forsyth County’s array of outdoor activities aligns perfectly with the ethos of National Travel and Tourism Week. From hiking up Sawnee Mountain to kayaking on Lake Lanier, each activity offers a unique opportunity to make sustainable journeys and create timeless memories.